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Family Dentist In Garner:   Tooth Brushing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Family Dentist In Garner: 4 Tooth Brushing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Brushing your teeth is an essential part of maintaining good oral and dental health, and with the help of a family dentist in Garner, a person should be able to brush their teeth properly each day.However, mistakes do happen, and that can apply to brushing your teeth, too. In this article, we outline brushing mistakes…

All Natural Teeth Whitening Recommendations

All-Natural Teeth Whitening Recommendations

Everyone experiences teeth stains and yellowing, and teeth whitening can help. Regardless of the cause (injuries, genetics or discoloration from food and drinks), the truth is that staining occurs with time. Yellowing also happens as part of the aging process, even if you have a perfect oral hygiene routine.Although teeth whitening procedures can reverse yellowing…