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Your perfect smile is a click away!

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It is our mission to exceed our patient expectations by providing exceptional dental care and at the same time, building relationships of trust and compassion. We are passionate about what we do and we want our patients to feel confident that they will receive the best care dentistry has to offer.


Our vision is to provide our patients with a dental experience that will promote a lifelong relationship built on trust, confidence, quality of work, and exceptional patient care. Our team is constantly working to discover new ways to break through barriers so that each and every one of our patients can achieve the healthy smile they deserve.

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The office of Dr. Ashley Mann is staffed by a caring, friendly and professional team, using the latest technology to give you the best experience possible. We are very excited to welcome new patients to our office! Visit our office and talk to us about how we can optimize and care for your dental health. There is no charge for your initial consultation which includes a brief exam and a discussion of our recommendations. Come early and have a cup of tea, coffee or filtered water in our comfortable and naturally lit waiting area. We look forward to meeting you and caring for both your personal and families dental health.